Why Attend

The Pet Food Digital Summit includes engaging presentations by industry thought leaders and live panel discussions. The summit replicates a traditional conference in a virtual environment – where attendees can choose the sessions they wish to attend - and despite being hosted online, it replicates some of the in-person conference experience through the use of interactive features such as Q&A sessions.

Here’s why you should attend the Pet Food Digital Summit:

  • Content

    Get access to amazing content, devised by FeedNavigator, the leading online news source for the global animal feed industry for more than 7 years, leveraging its digital-first position to bring powerful insights and robust information to help businesses succeed. Its team of award-winning journalists deliver daily news, analysis, online and face to face events, interactive content coverage of the issues and stories impacting decision makers in the industry. FeedNavigator publishes the feed industry stories that matter. It covers legislative developments, competition probes, R&D innovation, scientific breakthroughs, and feed manufacturing company strategy. 

  • Access to all content

    Have you ever attended a conference and had to make the choice between two sessions you wish to attend as they are happening at the same time? With our Digital, you do not have to worry as you will have access to all the content to view in your own time for up to 90 days.

  • Flexibility

    Pick and choose the sessions, topics and speakers in line with what your goals are.

  • Time saving

    Interact and learn from the industry from the comfort of your own desk.

  • On-demand content

    Watch the broadcasts and get the opportunity to download a range of documents and further presentations available on-demand. Continue learning and fit the viewing in around your own schedule.

  • Team building

    Register your colleagues and give everyone the opportunity to learn. Use the findings to get different perspectives, this not only nurtures team building and gets everyone thinking but you can also use the on-demand content as a learning resource for 90 days.

  • Connect

    Our expert panellists, keynote speakers and sponsors are happy to connect with individuals. Simply reach out to our team for an introduction.

  • Cost

    Register for FREE and access all the amazing content from the FoodNavigator Pet Food Digital Summit. (Please note that pre-registration is required)

Attendance is FREE and pre-registration is required.